Construction Process

Design and Ideas

Our architect and home designer meet to discuss the major elements and ideas of their vision for the next Conrad Home.


After the basic elements and ideas are put together, they are then put in detail on paper so that we can make sure every aspect of the home seamless.


Once the plans are complete, it is time to start construction. The construction team will watch over every detail of the foundation so that the groundwork and footing of the home is incredibly strong.


After the foundation has passed all inspections, the framework of the home goes up next. This is the skeletal system of your home. The walls and trusses all go up quickly as your home starts to take shape. After the initial framing is complete, we will then seal your home with zip board in order to help insulate your home from the weather elements. The windows will also be installed at this time.


The last element to seal your home from the outside weather will be the roof. This will go up right after the framework is finished. The framing and roof will be finalized by a complete inspection process that makes sure every step was completed correctly.

Plumbing Electrical & HVAC

All the important elements to bring your home to life go in next. These elements will all be installed throughout the home and have to pass many inspections by both our construction team and the city/county inspectors.

Insulation & Drywall

It is now time for the interior of your home to start taking form. After the energy efficient insulation is installed and it passes a rigorous inspection, the sheetrock will then go in. The inside walls will start to take shape.

Exterior Finishes

The beautiful finishes that were hand-picked by our architect will start to be installed. This stage is very exciting as the exterior starts to takes its final form.

Interior Finishes

At the same time as exterior finishes are being worked on, all of the interior finishes will begin going in. The home designer will be onsite during this process to make sure every element is completed to exceed their expectations.


The exterior will be cleared of all debris and the lot will be graded to make sure all drainage elements are accounted for. If French gains are required they will be installed at this point. Once the form boards have been set and the rebar is in place there will be a flatwork inspection before your driveway and sidewalk are poured.

Landscape & Fence

Our landscape designer will come visit the site to decide exactly how they want to lay our their design. Once they have their vision complete they will get to work on the final touches of the home. During this same time out construction team will have the fence completed as well.

Final Touches

After everything has been completed and it has passed our construction team's approval, we will have the home cleaned in detail. After the final clean, it will be time to for the final walk through with the buyer. If there are any last minute touch ups or questions that come up, our construction team will have them taken care of before closing.

Have questions? We are committed to meeting all of your needs!

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